Update - Battle Royale mode is here


New game mode: Battle Royale:

💢 The rules have changed. Test your skills in an epic free-for-all competition where only the strongest survive.

💢 No one is safe out there. Keep moving and avoid the Danger Zone if you want to stay alive.

💢 Loot, adapt, win. Explore a brand-new map, find better equipment, experiment with unique mechanics like Boosters and Medkits. Fight back with everything you've got!

💢 Valuable rewards await those who succeed. Do whatever it takes to claim them!

VIP system:

💢 Get VIP Points and use them to unlock additional prizes of your choice!

💢 VIP Points are given for every in-game purchase and included in the daily Supply Drop Kit.

💢 Each month the VIP Rewards Tree will be refreshed, and all unspent VIP Points will turn into Silver. Hurry and get everything you wanted!

Bug fixes and general improvements:

💢 Moses is now included in the upgrade discount rotation.

💢 Fixed a bug where respawning would affect Tactical Shield's Activation Speed.

That's about it for now. See you around. GRIMLOK 👊


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