Guide for Beginners

This guide is for players who are not familiar with the game at all. Below you'll find all the useful tips I wish someone could have given me when I first started the game.


Don't forget that the most imporant thing while playing is having fun.


First, tap your nickname while in-game and set it as you like it, your avatar and country flag can also be customized. First nickname change is free, additional changes will cost 100 gold.

There are two promo-codes that can be used for new players to get some in-game currency, silver. Open menu while in-game => settings => developer => support code and then type in "D-TACTICOOL" and "FB-TACTICOOL".

Don't spend silver/gold on anything yet! I'll provide tips for that below.

The only thing you should consider buying with real money is "Club pass". It gives you a lot of benefits that will speed up your overall progress.

I won't give you any advice about any other shop items. It's totally up to you.

In the bottom-right corner on the home screen you can check what missions you can complete to get rewards. Everyday you will receive "supply drops" with silver and mod blueprints..


Your ultimate goal is to get an epic operator, but there's a long way to get there. You can obtain operator shards from the roulette at the end of every match, "operator crates" or shop offers. If you want to buy shards from the shop, always wait for a discount. There is a different operator on discount every day.

You can check out the operator tier list here. Try to get Joe, Syndrome or Valera. They are really good and can easily be obtained without spending real money.


Don't upgrade any weapon before getting an MK6. This will save you tons of silver.

I won't describe every weapon here, you can check my tier lists to see what's the best at the moment. Always try to pair your weapon with your operator’s passive bonuses. For example, shotgun works well with Syndrome and assault rifle with Joe.

First, focus on upgrading your favourite weapon to max level, then proceed to specials/mods.


I would advise against buying mods for weapons other than MK6.

I found accuracy mods very useful on every type of weapon except sniper rifle, for them I would go for aim speed. Two other spots I leave to your judgement; use what suits your playstyle.

If you're not familiar with terminology used in mods, please check this page about the mods. If you don't know how much silver you need for a certain mod, check the mod calculator.


You can check what specials are the best here.

Personally I would suggest unlocking every special and trying them all in combat. This way you can find what suits you and your play style.


It's very important to be in an active clan. Clan membership gives you access to "clan missions" which will boost your overall progress. Rewards can be doubled with "club pass". Search for a clan that is suitable for your current abilities/progress.


There are two types of resources in the game: silver and gold.

Both can be acquired without investing real money by playing the game, watching ads, completing clan/club/daily missions, receiving "supply drops" or other seasonal events.

I described above what to spend silver on. You should invest gold only in "operator kits" to obtain/level up more powerful operators.

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