About the mods

Basic informations

Mods are upgrade items. Once a Mod is equipped in a suitable slot, it provides passive bonuses to the weapon

  • Unlocking a Mod requires 25 Blueprints of the same Rarity
  • Each Mod is designed for a specific weapon class. You cannot use an unlocked Mod with a weapon of another class
  • Mods are not tied to the weapon Upgrade Level and can be installed on any weapon within the respective class
  • Only one piece of each Mod exists. To use a Mod on another weapon, you have to uninstall it from the current one first. The higher Rarity the Mod is, the longer it takes to uninstall it
  • If a Mod is being uninstalled, you can still use that weapon, but the Mod effects will not be active
  • The uninstallation time can be reduced for Gold or by watching an ad
  • Legendary Combo Mods can only be unlocked once all 3 Mod Routes in one slot are fully upgraded
  • Mods cannot be installed on PRO and ELITE weapons

How to obtain blueprints

Blueprints are items used to unlock Mods.

There are different ways to obtain Blueprints:

  • By converting them in the Workshop
  • By claiming the Roulette Wheel Kits: Common Tier contains 1 Common Blueprint, Uncommon Tier contains 2 Common Blueprints, and Rare Tier contains 3 Common Blueprints. Club Pass owners also receive 50% more Blueprints from the Roulette Wheel Kits
  • Through Special Offers that appear in the Shop
  • By claiming the Supply Drop
  • By claiming the Lucky Kit
  • As a reward for reaching a certain Battle Pass Level or Elite Battle Pass Level
  • By claiming the Video Reward Kits

Mods Parameters

  • Movement Speed — determines how fast the Operator moves with the weapon in their hands. Does not affect speed when crouched
  • Clip Capacity — the maximum amount of bullets the weapon can have in one clip
  • Reload Speed — determines how fast the Operator can insert a new magazine into the weapon
  • Range — the maximum distance of fire
  • Aim Area — the width of the cone in which the weapon remains locked onto a target
  • Accuracy — determines the bullet spread when firing in any state (running, standing, sitting)
  • Fire Movement Speed — determines how fast the Operator moves while shooting the weapon
  • Fire Rate — determines how fast the weapon can fire its bullets
  • Adjusted Fire Duration — determines the time until full weapon accuracy loss during rapid fire
  • Mobile Fire Accuracy — determines the bullet spread when firing and moving
  • Aim Speed — determines how fast the weapon reticle locks onto an enemy
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