Machine Guns

Machine Guns (MGs) are a type of Primary Weapon in Tacticool. Weapons of this class offer the highest fire rate among all Primary Weapons at the expense of movement and aiming speed. There are 7 Machine Guns in the game, including 5 Regular type models and 2 Golden variations with additional effects.

Regular Machine Guns

Regular MGs are the main type of weapons that can be purchased with Silver. They can also be upgraded for increased damage.

Appearance/NameDamageAmmoFire RateAccuracyRange (m)MovementPrice
weaponNa Zdorovie (MK I)16010060032-255187310,000silver currency
weaponMM66 (MK III)34010062432-27018.173100,000silver currency
weaponM228 (MK IV)42510063632-28018.273230,000silver currency
weaponKugelschnell (MK V)51010064832-28518.373515,000silver currency
weaponRotogun (MK VI)59510066032-29518.473995,000silver currency

Golden Machine Guns

Golden MGs are special modifications of Regular MGs that can only be purchased with Gold. Unlike Regular models, they are sold with the Upgrade Level 7 installed. Golden variations also offer additional combat effects.

Additional Effect:

  • Each Kill Reward: 25silver currency
  • Slows Victim By 15%
Appearance/NameDamageAmmoFire RateAccuracyRange (m)MovementPrice
gunMM66 (Pro)40010062432-27018.173750gold currency
gunKugelschnell (Elite)57010064832-28518.3739000gold currency

Upgrade Path

Just as any other Weapon class, MGs can be upgraded with Silver or Gold for increased damage. There are 15 Upgrade Levels for every MG weapon, with each Level providing a 10 Hit Points damage boost. Below is the full list of MG upgrades and their pricing.

NameDamage (Price)Total
Na Zdorovie (MK I)1601701,050silver currency1801,300silver currency1901,600silver currency2001,850silver currency2102,150silver currency2202,450silver currency23027gold currency24030gold currency25033gold currency26035gold currency27038gold currency28041gold currency29044gold currency30046gold currency10,400silver currency294gold currency
MM66 (Pro)400410400gold currency420650gold currency4301,050gold currency4401,700gold currency4502,700gold currency4604,300gold currency4706,900gold currency48011,000gold currency28,700gold currency
MM66 (MK III)3403509,600silver currency36012,100silver currency37014,700silver currency38017,300silver currency39019,800silver currency40022,400silver currency410250gold currency420275gold currency430300gold currency440325gold currency450350gold currency460375gold currency470405gold currency480430gold currency95,900silver currency2,710gold currency
M228 (MK IV)42543520,200silver currency44526,600silver currency45530,900silver currency46536,300silver currency47541,700silver currency48547,100silver currency495525gold currency505580gold currency515635gold currency525685gold currency535740gold currency545795gold currency555850gold currency565900gold currency202,800silver currency5,710gold currency
Kugelschnell (MK V)51052032,500silver currency53041,500silver currency54050,000silver currency55058,500silver currency56067,500silver currency57076,000silver currency580850gold currency590935gold currency6001,025gold currency6101,100gold currency6201,195gold currency6301,285gold currency6401,370gold currency6501,460gold currency326,000silver currency9,220gold currency
Kugelschnell (Elite)5705804,000gold currency5905,200gold currency6006,800gold currency6108,800gold currency62011,400gold currency63014,800gold currency64019,200gold currency65025,000gold currency95,200gold currency
Rotogun (MK VI)595605100,000silver currency615125,000silver currency625154,000silver currency635181,000silver currency645208,000silver currency655235,000silver currency665262,000gold currency675290,000gold currency685315,000gold currency695340,000gold currency705370,000gold currency715395,000gold currency725425,000gold currency735450,000gold currency3,850,000silver currency


Machine Gun - Carrier mods
mod+3% Aim speedmod+5% Aim speedmod+7% Aim speedmod+10% Aim speedmod+10% Aim speed+7% Fire rate
mod+2% Fire ratemod+3% Fire ratemod+5% Fire ratemod+7% Fire rate
mod+5% Fire movement speedmod+9% Fire movement speedmod+13% Fire movement speedmod+17% Fire movement speedmod+10% Fire rate+17% Fire movement speed
Machine Gun - Frame mods
mod+9% Aim areamod+15% Aim areamod+22% Aim areamod+30% Aim areamod+7% Accuracy+30% Aim area
mod+2% Accuracymod+3% Accuracymod+5% Accuracymod+7% Accuracy
mod+3% Aim speedmod+5% Aim speedmod+7% Aim speedmod+10% Aim speedmod+7% Accuracy+10% Aim speed
Machine Gun - Receiver mods
mod+3% Movement speedmod+5% Movement speedmod+7% Movement speedmod+10% Movement speedmod+50% Reload speed+10% Movement speed
mod+15% Reload speedmod+25% Reload speedmod+35% Reload speedmod+50% Reload speed
mod+6% Clip capacitymod+10% Clip capacitymod+15% Clip capacitymod+20% Clip capacitymod+50% Reload speed+20% Clip capacity
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