Weapon models

Weapon models can be obtained by unlocking them from the Clan pass and Vip tree.


AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelGENTLE KISS+0,97 Movement
modelBATON+0,97 Movement
modelCLEAVER+0,97 Movement
modelHORROR+1,94 Movement
modelDESPAIR+0,97 Movement
modelHOPE+1,94 Movement
modelTACTICAL SHOVEL+0,97 Movement
modelKATANA+0,97 Movement
modelZIGGY+0,97 Movement


AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelSPITTER+1,1 Movement
modelGLUCK18-C+1,1 Movement
modelGOLDEN GLUCK18-C+2,2 Movement
modelBERTA R93+1,1 Movement
modelDICTATOR+2,2 Movement
modelNINETECH+2,2 Movement

Submachine Gun

AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelCORVET+2.1 Movement
modelSM50+2.1 Movement
modelFLASH TO FLESH+2.1 Movement
modelPZD C+2.1 Movement
modelBOZON+2.1 Movement


AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelPAS6+2.1 Movement
modelSOURCE+2.1 Movement
modelHAIL+2.1 Movement
modelGRANDMASTER+2.1 Movement
modelREMMY 14+2.1 Movement

Assault Rifle

AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelOLD WAR+12,61 Fire Rate
modelE2 PARAJUMPER+12,61 Fire Rate
modelQQ-95+12,61 Fire Rate
modelQQ-95 GOLDEN+12,61 Fire Rate
modelIAR-21+12,61 Fire Rate
modelAUCH+12,61 Fire Rate

Sniper Rifle

AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelGF 24+2 Fire Rate
modelMX2020+2 Fire Rate
modelSEE ME NOT+2 Fire Rate
modelCT 200M+2 Fire Rate
modelTICKLE X3+2 Fire Rate

Machine Gun

AppearanceNameBonus stat
modelMAXIMUS+10,7 Accuracy
modelPOLOVEC+10,7 Accuracy
modelSTOPPER+10,7 Accuracy
modelPRK+10,7 Accuracy
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