Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns (SMGs) are a type of Primary Weapon in Tacticool. Weapons of this class are best suited for medium range combat, offering high fire rate combined with increased mobility. This page lists all weapons from the SMG class. There are 8 SMGs in the game, including 6 Regular type models and 2 Golden variations with additional effects.

Regular Submachine Guns

Regular SMGs are the main type of weapons that can be purchased with Silver. They can also be upgraded for increased damage.

Appearance/NameDamageAmmoFire RateAccuracyRange (m)MovementPrice
weaponMR6 (MK I)80355169013100Free
weaponBoarhog (MK II)126355249513.210020,000silver currency
weaponMPH (MK III)1713553110013.410093,000silver currency
weaponKLTR (MK IV)2153553910013.6100215,000silver currency
weaponSpider (MK V)2613554711013.8100485,000silver currency
weaponPTU80 (MK VI)3063555511514100945,000silver currency

Golden Submachine Guns

Golden SMGs are special modifications of Regular SMGs that can only be purchased with Gold. Unlike Regular models, they are sold with the Upgrade Level 7 installed. Golden variations also offer additional combat effects.

Additional Effect:

  • Each Kill Reward: 25silver currency
  • Slows Victim By 15%
Appearance/NameDamageAmmoFire RateAccuracyRange (m)MovementPrice
gunMPH (Pro)2013553111013.4102750gold currency
gunSpider (Elite)2913554712013.81009000gold currency

Upgrade Path

Just as any other Weapon class, SMGs can be upgraded with Silver or Gold for increased damage. There are 15 Upgrade Levels for every SMG weapon, with each Level providing a 5 Hit Points damage boost. Below is the full list of SMG upgrades and their pricing.

NameDamage (Price)Total
MR6 (MK I)80851,600silver currency902,050silver currency952,450silver currency1002,900silver currency1053,300silver currency1103,750silver currency11542gold currency12046gold currency12550gold currency13054gold currency13559gold currency14063gold currency14567gold currency15073gold currency16,050silver currency454gold currency
Boarhog (MK II)1261315,600silver currency1367,100silver currency1418,600silver currency14610,100silver currency15111,600silver currency15613,100silver currency161145gold currency166160gold currency171175gold currency176190gold currency181205gold currency186220gold currency191235gold currency196250gold currency56,100silver currency1,580gold currency
MPH (Pro)201206400gold currency211650gold currency2161,050gold currency2211,700gold currency2262,700gold currency1864,300gold currency1916,900gold currency19611,000gold currency28,700gold currency
MPH (MK III)1711769,000silver currency18111,400silver currency18613,800silver currency19116,200silver currency19618,600silver currency20121,000silver currency206235gold currency211260gold currency216280gold currency221305gold currency226330gold currency231355gold currency236380gold currency241400gold currency90,000silver currency2,545gold currency
KLTR (MK IV)21522019,100silver currency22524,200silver currency23029,300silver currency23534,400silver currency24039,500silver currency24544,600silver currency250495gold currency255550gold currency260600gold currency265650gold currency270700gold currency275750gold currency280805gold currency285855gold currency191,100silver currency5,405gold currency
Spider (MK V)26126631,500silver currency27139,500silver currency27648,000silver currency28156,500silver currency28664,500silver currency29173,000silver currency296815gold currency301895gold currency306980gold currency3111,065gold currency3161,145gold currency3211,230gold currency3261,315gold currency3311,395gold currency313,000silver currency8,840gold currency
Spider (Elite)2912964,000gold currency3015,200gold currency3066,800gold currency3118,800gold currency31611,400gold currency32114,800gold currency32619,200gold currency33125,000gold currency95,200gold currency
PTU80 (MK VI)306311105,000silver currency316135,000silver currency321162,000silver currency326190,000silver currency331218,000silver currency336246,000silver currency341275,000gold currency346305,000gold currency351330,000gold currency356360,000gold currency361385,000gold currency366415,000gold currency371445,000gold currency376470,000gold currency4,041,000silver currency


Submachine Gun - Muzzle mods
mod+2% Rangemod+3% Rangemod+5% Rangemod+7% Rangemod+7% Fire rate+7% Range
mod+2% Fire ratemod+3% Fire ratemod+5% Fire ratemod+7% Fire rate
mod+2% Accuracymod+3% Accuracymod+5% Accuracymod+7% Accuracymod+7% Fire rate+7% Accuracy
Submachine Gun - Scope mods
mod+2% Range+6% Aim areamod+3% Range+10% Aim areamod+4% Range+15% Aim areamod+5% Range+20% Aim areamod+7% Accuracy+5% Range+20% Aim area
mod+2% Accuracymod+3% Accuracymod+5% Accuracymod+7% Accuracy
mod+3% Fire movement speedmod+5% Fire movement speedmod+7% Fire movement speedmod+10% Fire movement speedmod+7% Accuracy+10% Fire movement speed
Submachine Gun - Receiver mods
mod+2% Movement speedmod+3% Movement speedmod+4% Movement speedmod+5% Movement speedmod+5% Movement speed+20% Clip capacity
mod+6% Clip capacitymod+10% Clip capacitymod+15% Clip capacitymod+20% Clip capacity
mod+15% Reload speedmod+25% Reload speedmod+35% Reload speedmod+50% Reload speedmod+20% Clip capacity+50% Reload speed
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