Balance update and new epic hero


New Year Event:

💢 Say goodbye to 2020! Play, complete Event Missions, power up your gear and get prizes.

💢 End of the Year Competition: earn event currency and get to the top of the Leaderboard to claim the most valuable rewards!

💢 Tons of new cosmetics, including Tactical Beard that boosts your event currency income!

New Epic Operator: CHEN LI:

💢 Dominate the battlefield with her unique Landau Cannon that generates a powerful wave affecting objects in a large area. Hit them with everything you got!

💢 Master the Electric Field capable of slowing down enemies that use Special Weapons and destroying marked explosives. Shockingly useful against Adrenaline!

💢 Utilize the Landau Field to face the danger and deflect incoming bullets back to those opposing you. Return to sender, address unknown!

💢 Can only be unlocked through New Year's Rewards Tree.

Balance changes:

This time around, our focus was to bring the least popular equipment back into the game by raising its effectiveness.

Smoke Grenade:

To let players create additional smoke screens and attack Landau Emitter users with more confidence, we're adjusting Smoke Grenade recharge and activation timers.

💢 Decreased Cooldown between activations from 3.0s to 1.5s.

💢 Decreased Cooldown from 20s to 16s.

💢 Decreased grenade Activation Time from 1.85s to 1.7s.


Initially, Zloy was designed as a close-quarters Operator with a high zoning potential, but his Unique Special did not support this idea very well due to its short duration. Now, A-232 should be more consistent and reliable in active offensive maneuvers, and Improved Dash will allow Zloy to close on his enemies faster.

💢 Added Improved Dash.

💢 Increased A-232 Duration from 12s to 25s.

💢 Decreased A-232 gas cloud interval from 1s to 0.7s.

💢 Fixed a bug with the incorrect gas damage display (showed 18% instead of 22%).


Due to low speed, Operators with Shields were easy targets that could receive a lot of damage both when activating the Special Weapon and moving with it. We're tuning its stats to make the speed disadvantage less prominent.

💢 Increased Shield Activation Speed.

💢 Increased Movement Speed.


Taser was expected to be a strong countermeasure against Adrenaline, but it has proven to be too skill-dependent and sensitive to latency, which made it a rare choice in public matches. With the changes below, Taser should now be easier to use.

💢 Increased Lock-on Area from 120 to 140 degrees.

💢 Increased basic Range from 5.5 to 6.5.

Assault Rifles:

ARs had one of the lowest pick rates among all Primary Weapon classes. Thanks to improved accuracy and fire rate, they will be much more effective in mid-range combat, especially when facing players with SMGs.

💢 Increased minimum Accuracy from 50 to 80.

💢 Increased maximum Accuracy for MK I-VI from 345-395 to 430-495.

💢 Increased Fire Rate by 10%.


Along with ARs, the Shotgun class was slowly losing its popularity, mostly because of the low fire rate. We've adjusted this value and reduced the pause between the shots.

💢 Increased Fire Rate for MK I-VI from 77-84 to 82-92

That's about it for now. See you around. GRIMLOK 👊


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