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Tacticool X The Waye


I've the pleasure to announce that Tacticool now has official merchandise! Below I posted an interview with founder of this collaboration - The Waye.

What is all about The Waye?

The Waye (pronounced as "The Way"), also my middle name, is created as a youtube channel where gameplay videos are edited with special effects from the movies, films and games we grew up with to make it into an epic movie-like video that viewers can enjoy and re-watch many times without getting bored.

The Waye has evolved into a brand, with its logo depicting our desire of traveling into a portal of our own world that we would like to create.

How your collaboration with Panzerdog started?

I first approached Panzerdog with some ideas created by our design department. Panzerdog agreed and we began work on our prototype and while updating the status and sending it to Panzerdog. I am happy and excited that we have this collaboration and I hope that we can take this further with our upcoming project at plan.

Tell us more about the Beverage Coasters you are launching.

The Tacticool Slip Resistant Silicone Beverage Coaster Idea was first conceived in 29th April 2020. I was already hosting Tacticool Asia Cup Tournaments for the Asia Community and I had a few custom made prizes for the winners and for the viewers who participated in the giveaway.

Tacticool Asia Cup Season 3 tournament prizes

Jae (In-Game Name: Mr Cookie) saw what I was doing for the tacticool community and he wanted to contribute as well. Jae owns a rubber manufacturing factory and he will be in charge of manufacturing our coasters and doing logistics delivery to our consumers worldwide.

Zac (In-Game Name: ■■■■■■■■) yes, his in game name is literally squares! is our designer for the coasters and the box. I gave him the idea that I wanted for our Merchandise and he did an amazing digital work.


In fact, many players in the Tacticool Community has seen his work and has fooled us including me!

waye waye
Zac's editing work

We wanted to give the best quality to our players. That is why we went through numerous stringent quality checks before coming to our final 4th version of the Silicone Coasters.

Early First Generation Prototype

The Early First Generation Coasters were 9 cm in diameter and 0.3 cm in thickness. We chose Silicone as the main material because it can withstand high temperature and it is more eco friendly than PVC. Besides, PVC has a strong plastic smell and we have to inject some fruity flavour to mask off that strong PVC smell.

First Generation PVC Coasters

We went on to add matte oil coating for the coasters because we realised alot of dust and dirt was sticking to the coasters.


The thing about manufacturing using Silicone is, Silicone will naturally shrink after taking out from its mold. Thus, we had some third generation coasters warping its form and to solve this issue, we had to increase the thickness of the coasters to 0.6 cm thus making the fourth generation coasters the final version and also absorbing the cost for additional material used.


The Tacticool Logo was imprinted to the back of the coasters for the previous versions and we decided to take it to the next level by creating a Tacticool Logo mold as well.


Because we are manufacturing the product by ourselves and not getting any third party, we are able to use high quality raw materials while keeping the retail price low.

Lastly, I would like to thank Panzerdog for the collaboration of creating an exclusive avatar in appreciation for purchasing our very first merchandise. All of our coaster box will contain a one time code to redeem the exclusive avatar in the Tacticool Game.


Can you describe order process, shipment options etc?

Currently we are opening preorders for the first batch of coaster backers on our store (www.iamthewaye.com) use the code ALLTHEWAYE during checkout for 10% off your preorder.

The Preorder will run through from 23/08/2020, 2200 GMT+8 to 23/09/2020, 2359 GMT+8.

We will have 1 day to sort out the orders by country before passing all the preorders to Manufacturing.

Manufacturing will commence on 25/09/2020 onwards until end of first batch of preorders.


Currently we are a small team of 6 people (all are Tacticool players thus the passion) this is why we only have 1 standard FREE worldwide shipping option so that we do not mess up the shipping. Shipping starts 09/10/2020, every shipment will have a tracking number and I will be following closely with all our preorder backers with weekly livestream on our preorder status.

Thank you for your time Waye, good luck!

Thank you GRIMLOK for the opportunity to be on this interview!

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