Tacticool Workshop got a new partner


That's right we've partnered up with Panzerdog and wow, we are extremely honored and delighted to have this opportunity.


We've got some extremely exciting plans coming for Workshop Members in the near future but why not kick it off with some insight in what's first to be delivered for our Community?

Community Surveys:

We hate using the word surveys, it sounds boring. However we'll be regularly posting some exciting polls for you guys to answer which takes less than 60 seconds. All of the data from our relevant polls will be sent over Panzerdog. We want you guys to be heard and we think there's no better way than to provide you with a voice on our platform. If you have any questions you'd like seen asked in our polls, you can request them directly through myself @CRYSTAL®️ or post them in general channel.

VIP Members:

We want to thank all of our early VIP Supporters and on-boarders. We're also making even more exciting changes to VIP Membership very soon. Let's start with a preview into one of the new benefits below:

VIP Beta Testing:

There's some very important beta testing coming this year, can you guys guess what it's for? We're really excited to announce that all of our ACTIVE VIP Member's will receive PRIORITY access to these tests and further tests in the future*.

One last thing for our Workshop Fans....

Use this exclusive Workshop Support Code in-game for a suprise: PANZERSHOP

Panzerdog reserve the right to review and decline members from participating in beta testing for past or existing misconduct and do not have to specify the individual reason.

That's about it for now. See you around. GRIMLOK 👊


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