TactiGenerator - Discord bot

Take clan involvement to the next level with a bot that posts the best operator instructions for your missions. By integrating this tool with your discord server, you can save an enormous amount of time for both you and your community. With support for 11 languages, TactiGenerator will not be confusing for any non-native speakers in your clan! Add this bot to your Discord server with the following link:

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The Basics

Each operator earns a certain amount of clan points in a certain mission. This number fluctuates depending on the mission, with some operators earnings more than others depending on their placement. Instead of going the manual route and deciding how to place your operators, you can tell this bot the names of your clan's unfinished missions. TactiGenerator navigates your input through several algorithms and gives you the best instructions in a fraction of a second.

The bot functions on a robust system, and is backed by over a thousand lines of code. The functionality that it offers dwarfs every other system out there. With 99.9% uptime, TactiGenerator will always be there for your mission instruction needs.


TactiGenerator listens to your commands in any server that it is located in. If it sees a message starting with /generate or /help, the bot will respond with an appropriate message depending on your inputs. You would essentially use this bot by sending a message in the chat.

When the bot first joins the server, it will send a welcome message. Saying /help in the chat will bring up a list of available commands that TactiGenerator supports. If you still need assistance with making the most of the bot, please join support server and share your questions, suggestions, or concerns:

social iconTactiGenerator Support Server

TactiGenerator is the best operator placement resource available to your clan. It has no vulnerability for human error, is always up-to-date on operator values, and generates instructions marginally faster than any human or bot out there. The only thing this bot does is listen for a command and respond to it in the form of a message. It is free for public use, but more advanced functionality (Like directly manipulating outputs depending on the clan situation, custom clan tags, and saving options) is only accessible through a paid subscription. The Basic Plan, however, will still be immensely helpful to your community, and I highly recommend that you try this tool out, you won't regret it.

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