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BRO Champions League





The current tournament is the first event out of the upcoming seasons. The most important part would be rating gained by each participating team which will determine the strongest. The rating will be accumulated through all the events.

BRO Champions League discord server


❗️There are no restrictions on Operators/Weapons/Specials.

❗️Each Game consists of 3 matches with 3 maps chosen by home team. Only capture the bag maps are allowed. The screenshots of the matches are to be posted in corresponding channels.

❗️Team should consist of 8-12 players. The minimum number of 8 players is required in order to avoid scheduled match cancellation.

❗️The disqualified team will be penalized with -30 pts those will be recorded in the team file and will be taken into account in future BRO Tournament editions.

❗️ Any discrimination on the basis of — racial, national, civil, sexual, religious, age, disability, occupation or sexual orientation is prohibited.

❗️ Climbing mountains and such, hiding or camping in places you can't normally go without the help of landau is prohibited.

❗️No spectator allowed (except if agreed with both squad leaders and Admin before the fight) , ask a Streamer to record/stream for you. You can stream from your own view while playing.

❗️Match to be announced by Squad Leaders only and performed as scheduled. No Show will be considered as an auto-win for the opponent with a score of 300:0. The No-show team may continue the tournament but will be deducted 4 rating points.

❗️The team can use a bot as squad member in an event of team member absence.

❗️It is not allowed to change the team member once registered.

❗️The Tournament Server is Frankfurt.

❗️ Having Pre-Qualifying stage completed the dedicated 5 members voice channels will be created on the Bro Champions League Server. Mentioned Voice channels are to be used during the matches performed within the tournament at any stage on.

❗️ Revealing Match/Map codes to any other member other than squad, Admins and streamers is prohibited. This may result in replay and penalties.

❗️ The player can can register with one team only. Inevent cheating is exposed the player might be banned from the Tournament permanently.

That's about it for now. See you around. GRIMLOK 👊


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